MEDS provides a full-service solution for obtaining medical, administrative, janitorial and mechanical staff to meet the needs of military personnel and veterans. We provide fully qualified, certified, and accredited personnel.

MEDS provides comprehensive support of military and commercial medical facilities, from the provision of medical professionals to custodial and grounds-keeping services. MEDS specializes in the management and staffing of GOCO Medical Facilities. MEDS employs numerous medical professionals in a variety of disciplines, including:

      • Physicians
      • Physical Therapists
      • Nurses
        • Registered Nurses
        • License Practical Nurses
        • Certified Nurse Practitioners
      • Nutritionists
      • Nursing Technicians
      • Food Suppliers
      • Nurses’ Aides
      • Pharmacy Suppliers
      • Pharmacists
      • Psychologists
      • Medical Equipment Suppliers
      • Pharmacy Technicians

We also provide the full range of administrative services, including:

      • Accounting
      • Receptionists
      • Billing
      • Admissions
      • Vendor Management
      • Security
      • Facility Management
      • Quality Assurance
      • Continuing Education

For facilities requiring 24/7 staffing/availability, MEDS offers a variety of solutions, including full staffing through multiple shifts or through the maintenance of an on-call schedule for key positions (i.e., physicians, nurses, pharmacists).  MEDS is committed to ensuring that all Facilities for which we are responsible are staffed with highly qualified, courteous, and supportive personnel.

The MEDS medical staffing team is led by Carol A. Jones, RN. Her complete biography, including capabilities and dedication to service, is available here: Carol A. Jones