Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Management Enterprise Development & Services, Inc. (MEDS) was co-founded by Carol Jones and Stanley McCall, Sr. in 1984 for the specific purpose of serving a nationwide clientele with professional expertise in the profitable and creative management of subsidized housing, multi-family apartment dwellings, health-care facilities, and commercial properties, as well as providing medical and support services. By offering these specialty services, MEDS is able to develop and implement a uniquely tailored program to satisfy the goals and objectives of each customer. The scope of our organization has since expanded to include development, comprehensive management, supportive service contracting, and construction.

MEDS is an 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business-certified company. We provide development, management, operational, and construction services for our diverse customer base.  We staff positions with qualified personnel who ensure the proper execution of any contract needs.

Our Vision…

To uplift, give back, and empower our community, while providing services including property management, property development, general contracting and support services.

Our Mission…

To be known for continually growing in professionalism, competence, ethics, excellence, and a never-ending desire to uplift and give back.

To leave every situation better than we found it.

To give top priority to our customers’ needs and concerns, and assure their satisfaction at all times.

To be a good neighbor by striving to give employees a healthy balance of professional, family, and community life; by recognizing the value of employees for their unique contributions to our organization; and by creating opportunities for employees to fulfill their potential.

MEDS is first and foremost about services. Our team of personnel offer our customers over 30 years of experience in providing skilled medical personnel, and in managing and operating facilities, as well as performing a broad array of construction projects. The links above provide critical information about our capabilities and experience.